Fierce Advocacy For Victims

If you have been injured by another individual’s actions, you need a compassionate, skilled attorney who will take the time to listen to your whole story. At The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm, this approach goes to the heart of our style of advocacy. We view you as a whole person, taking the time to listen to your story, because you are not defined by your specific legal concern or issue.

Jury/Trial Consulting

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Personal Injury

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Sexual Abuse And Assault

We help victims utilize the law toward their recovery


Working Collaboratively To Find The Right Approach

Our holistic approach to legal advocacy means that we seek your input for the approach that best suits you. If privacy is a concern in cases of sexual assault or abuse, we know how to protect your identity with strategies such as filing your complaint under a pseudonym. On the other hand, if a client believes that going public may help other victims, we have substantial media savvy, acquired from our numerous television and print appearances. Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel has established notable relationships with both local and national media personnel, most recently in connection with the Las Vegas shooting and her representation of a number of the national team and Olympic gymnasts abused by disgraced Olympic doctor Larry Nassar. Indeed, we know how to use the media to your strategic advantage.

Michelle Simpson Tuegel was recently interviewed by D Magazine on this topic. Please click here for the full article.

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Earning Your Trust

We have significant jury trial experience, honed by hundreds of criminal cases. We know how to make an aggressively persuasive courtroom showing, and our peers respect our fearlessness. Yet aggressive litigation is not our only style of legal representation. Our legal advocacy is truly multifaceted.

For starters, we believe our greatest strength is our people skills. Accordingly, our legal services involve much more than merely filing motions and appearing in court. Effective advocacy involves personalizing our clients and their experiences in a way that will resonate with our audience, whether we our telling that narrative to a judge, a jury, or a mediator. We want our audience to understand the pain and destruction that you have suffered.

From your very first meeting with us, we will manage your expectations and address your concerns. We want you to understand not only the potential remedies that a civil lawsuit may bring, but also the procedures and timeline involved in getting to that end result. Our direct approach is one reason why both clients and other attorneys consistently refer clients to us.

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