Schools Have More Eyes On Them Than Ever Before

The internet age and increased attention to sexual assault has brought much needed visibility to victims. In many ways, this is absolutely what every educator should want. Schools should be institutions of learning, and abuse has no place on campuses. Schools have a duty to comply with Title IX and uphold their ethical standards.

The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm is a well-known firm with a reputation for care and fierce advocacy. We service students in a number of states and have provided legal support to clients across the country. If you are a student seeking assistance during a Title IX dispute, we have the experience you can trust.

Do Not Sacrifice Your Legal Rights

Higher education institutions should continually review their processes for Title IX compliance to be ready when a claim arises. Founding attorney Michelle Simpson is well-known for her consultation services. She has helped many students on both sides of the issue review their school's administrative procedures. She also represents them at hearings on campus. We will develop a comprehensive legal strategy to assert your rights under Title IX as a student.

Contact Us If You Think You Have a Claim

Our firm regularly works with students who are considering or who have brought a Title IX claim with their schools. Our team can help your defense and ensure that your school applies its best practices to protect you and properly administrate your claim. We also can represent you in negotiations and mediation. Reaching our office is easy, just send our office an email. Speak with us today online or call 214-774-9121.