Sexual Misconduct Is Unacceptable In Professional Spaces

We trust doctors, teachers and other professionals. When we are in someone's workspace, we expect a level of professional behavior. Multiple studies show that workplace sexual harassment and assault are very prevalent; in some cases up to 80 percent of women and almost 20 percent of men report experiencing some form of sexual assault or harassment in professional settings.

Legal help is available. An attorney can guide you through your legal options, including filing for compensation, approaching professional and licensing boards and, when appropriate, going to court. Find out more about your legal options by emailing our firm. Our lawyers can look at the details and provide you with advice on how you can get justice.

What Cases We Take

You deserve a lawyer who listens to you and cares about your health and future. Our law firm works with local attorneys in states around the country, as well as various experts and private investigators. We help victims from a variety of fields. Some examples of past cases include:

  • Unwanted touching in nursing homes and schools
  • Sexual harassment between doctors and pharmaceutical representatives
  • Sexual assault at the hands of police
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior between property owners and tenants
  • Sexual harassment or assault in the workplace

The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm is a nationwide legal team that provides compassionate and attentive care for your legal needs. We understand that you need a lawyer who can help you navigate your proceedings and, more importantly, protect you from further unnecessary and traumatic experiences.

Work With Us — Find Justice

No one deserves to suffer from sexual abuse, assault or harassment. We understand that coming forward is already difficult. You deserve justice and personal care. Let our staff help you. We set up appointments for clients by phone at 214-774-9121 or by email. You can call us at our Dallas, Texas, office at any time.