Working With College And University Students In Title IX Lawsuits

No one can deny that sexual assault is unfortunately all too frequent on college and university campuses. Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, schools are required to protect students both from further abuse and to provide a fair hearing process for the accused. If a college or university fails to comply with Title IX, they risk their federal funding. For schools where both the accused and the accuser are enrolled in courses, this can be very challenging.

Even the most prestigious universities are scrambling to provide both safe environments and fair hearings for students.

Our Approach To Title IX Violations And Sexual Assault

We are committed to the idea that victims and the accused deserve protection. This means that our firm focuses on making sure that your Title IX rights are upheld, acting as a liaison with police and prosecutors when appropriate and listening to you and your needs. To make sure that you get quality representation and your needs are met, our staff can:

  • Listen to you and help you decide your priorities for your case
  • Gather evidence and investigate
  • Manage provisions meant to protect both parties, like class schedule mandates and suspended enrollments (also known sometimes as "interim measures")
  • Evaluate hearings and other provisions to ensure evidence is heard and fair processes are employed

Michelle has been at the forefront of pursuing and publicizing Title IX claims against colleges for sexual assault on campus or the mishandling of sexual assault investigations on campus. For example, Michelle represents dozens of current and former students against a number of colleges and universities accusing the school of mishandling allegations of sexual assault.

In 2018, the firm, with co-counsel, filed lawsuits on behalf of former students against Michigan State University alleging the school ignored multiple sexual assaults by the same male doctor (Larry Nassar) resulting in hundreds of victims. This case and Michelle's clients were part of the largest global settlement related to Title IX in the country.

What Steps Can You Take After Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence on Campus?

In addition to filing a police report (if you so choose), you can file an internal complaint to your school. You are not required to file a police report to file an internal complaint. The school then must take steps to protect your safety and to prevent any future harassment. This may include the school changing your class schedule, investigating the incident and potentially expelling the accused perpetrator.

Victims and individuals who are aware of sexual harassment or assault occurring on campus and do not think their school is following Title IX requirements can file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education.

Our firm cares about you. We understand that you are stressed and likely facing pressure from many sides. Our attorneys are based in Dallas, Texas, and are equipped to help you maintain your sense of dignity and safety throughout Title IX adjudication.

You Are Not Alone

At The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm, our legal team will stand by your side, every step of the way. Call our office at 214-774-9121. We understand that this is difficult. If it is more convenient, please reach out to us by email, and we can get you started.