Stopping Sexual Abuse Against Our Athletes At All Ages

Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky are infamous names in terms of sexual abuse in the sports world. However, we have seen that the unfortunate truth is that all over our country, athletes, both young and old, are in vulnerable positions and are being sexually and physically abused by predators who have sought out these positions to exploit and abuse young athletes. We trust our coaches, trainers, treatment providers and others in positions of power in the sports world, and when that trust is betrayed the victims deserve to hold not only the abuser accountable, but also the adults and institutions who often allowed the abuse to go on for years unchallenged.

Complicating Factors In Athletics And Sexual Abuse

If you choose to pursue a criminal conviction or civil penalties for child sexual abuse in an athletic setting, you will need a lawyer who can help you decide:

  • How important is my privacy, and how does that affect my legal options?
  • How do I protect myself from further trauma or unnecessarily reliving the events in question?
  • Are there witnesses or evidence that corroborates my claims, and how can I guarantee that evidence makes it to the right hands?
  • Does a league or organization play a role in my abuse?
  • Were other athletes harmed or likely to be harmed, and does that affect if I make my claims public?
  • How much time do I have left to bring a civil claim or lawsuit under the current law in my state?

Our attorneys hear you. We understand your concerns and will do our best to protect you from unnecessary trauma. We can help you protect and maintain your privacy. If you decide to come forward publicly, we will help you amplify your voice and pave the way for other victims to tell their story.

The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm Is A Passionate Advocate For Victims

Our founding attorney, Michelle Simpson, began this law firm in Dallas, Texas, with her family's legacy in mind. Her father, also a lawyer, taught her to help others, especially those who are hurting. While he spent his time exclusively practicing personal injury law, Michelle has gone a step further. In addition to personal injury victims, she helps sexual assault and abuse victims, shooting victims and the wrongfully accused.

Our firm represents athletes across the nation and in all forms and levels of athletics. We have represented collegiate basketball and football players, gymnasts, rowers, runners, and members of the US National and Olympic Teams.

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