Finding Closure After Child Sexual Abuse

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It does not matter how many times we hear the news, instances of child sexual abuse are always horrifying. Our children are innocent, and adults should protect them. When adults abuse children, especially sexually, it has lifelong impacts on the child. Child sexual abuse in schools and sports teams or in the home is criminal, but putting someone in jail will not provide for your child's mental and emotional recovery.

Our lawyers will help you hold abusers and the institutions that enable them responsible.

How Pursuing Civil Penalties Can Help You And Your Family

Caring for a traumatized child or an adult dealing with the impact of childhood abuse is daunting. Your family will need access to medical care and mental health services. You may choose to move or change school districts. Many of the actions you can take to help your family move forward are not cheap. Pursuing civil remedies can help you get compensation for:

  • Therapy and family counseling
  • Medical appointments
  • Pain and suffering

Our attorneys will help you get compensation. We are equipped to collect evidence, speak with witnesses and file your suit. Most importantly, we do so with discretion and compassion so that you and your family are put through as little pain and stress as possible.

How The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm Works On Your Behalf

Our firm is based in Dallas, but we are not limited to Texas cases. We practice and handle sexual abuse cases in states across the country. Our firm works with experts in medical science and private investigators to make sure your case is as strong as possible. If necessary, we are familiar with media management and can take your case to the public.

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