We Want Justice For Sexual Assault And Abuse Victims

Advocates for victims of sex abuse call on Senate to close what they consider to be a big loophole

You did the right thing when you came forward. You are not alone. You deserve to have justice.

Coming forward after a sexual assault or after being sexually abused is very difficult. Telling your story is painful. You are worried about what others may say, and we all know that there is no guarantee that a criminal case leads to a conviction. Our attorneys are dedicated to a holistic approach to the law. That means caring for your case and caring about you and your well-being.

If you were sexually assaulted or abused, there are options for justice for you in both the criminal and civil justice system. We can help you navigate both systems and get what compensation and justice are available.

What You Can Expect At The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm

Our Dallas, Texas, firm is dedicated to helping people nationwide who are victims of sexual assault and abuse. We promise when you work with us, we do our best to help prove your case. We gather evidence and witness testimony so you can have the best chance possible in recovering. We work with law enforcement and state and federal prosecutors and go out of our way to treat your case with discretion and respect.

We promise to see you as a person first and foremost, to help you minimize reliving trauma and to listen every time.

We take on a variety of sexual assault and abuse cases, including those involving college campuses, workplace misconduct and harassment, children, sports leagues and coaches, clergy and Title IX. We also represent organizations like college campuses.

We work with medical professionals, private investigators and, for those who wish to go public, the media, to make sure your case has as much evidence as possible when you file. Let us help you get justice. Call 214-774-9121 for an attorney who cares.

We Practice Across The Nation

We have represented survivors of sexual abuse and assault in different states across the United States. We are experienced litigators and negotiators and we have relationships with and seek out local counsel in many of these states. These local counsel work with us in getting our client survivors of sexual trauma the justice they deserve. When possible, we work with local attorneys who can provide you with one-on-one, in-person aid. We want to do what is best for you. Find out more about how our office can assist you and how we can manage your specific case. Call our Dallas office at 214-774-9121 or contact us online.