You Can Begin To Recover From Losing A Loved One From A Shooting

No one can put a price on losing a loved one. But you may be entitled to receive compensation for the loss of a loved one who dies as a result of a shooting. Experiencing a loss of this severity is worsened by how unprepared people can be. You still have bills to pay, a home to manage and a family to raise, and the financial stresses don't stop coming. Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel knows how important it is to hold those who are responsible accountable for their involvement, even if it is law enforcement or a multinational company.

Choose A Texas Lawyer Who Will Fight Anyone For You

The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm has the experience and the know-how to take on the entities or people responsible if a loved one has died of a wrongful shooting at the hands of the police or others. Our team has been taking on shooting injuries cases in the Dallas area since 2010 and is willing to aggressively advocate for you and your loved one to take on whoever is responsible for the wrongful death or injuries inflicted on you or a loved one. When you hire us, we will immediately begin working toward recovering compensation for any ways you might be suffering, like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wage loss
  • Loss of companionship
  • Emotional suffering or distress

You Can Keep Others From Sweeping Justice Under The Table

Painful though it may be, taking action against those who have wronged you and your loved ones is a major step forward in beginning your recovery. Don't leave money on the table. Attorney Simpson Tuegel can help you gain compensation to cover any losses you might have experienced as a result of the wrongful death of your loved one. Let us help you hold those responsible accountable. Contact us at 214-774-9121 to discuss your options today.