Jury/Trial Consulting Services

At The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm, we offer assistance in all aspects of jury and trial consulting to other practicing lawyers. Most of my jury consulting work has been on civil cases, not criminal. Yet after litigating hundreds of cases, we have refined our approach. You can benefit from our experience in preparing the questions you will ask jurors in voir dire, in preparing your witnesses for court testimony, and even in participating in a mock trial or focus group to thoroughly vet your trial strategies.

Taking A Collaborative Approach To Jury And Trial Consulting

There is simply no substitute for our trial experience, which informs every aspect of our advocacy. From our review of your civil case, we may recommend pretrial motions. In other cases, we may need to reserve developing a legal strategy until you have completed your search for evidence through civil discovery methods. If we are familiar with the court or jurisdiction, that may also influence how we approach settlement discussions. Thus, our step-by-step analysis is crucial not only to your trial preparations, but also how you respond to any last-minute settlement offers.

Respecting Your Attorney-Client Relationship

We understand that you are the primary point of contact with your client and we will respect your attorney-client relationship. Previous attorney clients have appreciated our collaborative manner. We share our experience without imposing our style upon you. We look forward to forming a professional relationship with you.

Consult With An Experienced Attorney

No one can predict the actions of a jury with one-hundred percent certainty, but there are certain insights we have acquired from observing the decision-making of juries in hundreds of cases. When it comes to juries and trial preparation, experience truly is the best teacher. Take advantage of our insights today. To learn more about how we can help you build the best criminal defense for your client, call our Dallas office at 214-774-9121. You may also contact us online.